"Successful people think in long segments of time and have those powers of successful vision which provide the required discipline. In case you have not heard this from me before - I think long term" – Ned Goodman
"We must challenge sacred cows against new and better, but we must always remember that winners do not do different things – they merely do the same things differently and better" – Ned Goodman
"Investors with short term time horizons drive market movements. If you are a long term investor you should ignore them" – Ned Goodman
"Acting like our competitors is not only risky but frankly not that smart. We must pursue opportunities that our clients really like but are undervalued by our competitors" – Ned Goodman
"Time has proven that those organizations that look after their clients well are those that prosper" – Ned Goodman
"You don't get rich by investing for the short term" – Ned Goodman
"Bubbles start out as rational ideas that get taken to irrational extreme which is why so many people fall for them" – Ned Goodman
Embrace the Possible™

At Dundee Goodman Private Wealth, we’ve built our reputation on personal relationships. We know our clients as people – individuals with concerns and goals unique to them.

Our “Investor First” philosophy in building portfolios and managing client money is what sets us apart. This approach is foremost about recognizing and respecting the needs of our individual clients who rely on us for guidance, expertise and skill in helping to maintain and grow their savings and investments